Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meeting the in-laws

One should always focus on what is most important
Well at least I met one in-law, Don'tae's mom, at a short luncheon at Naomi's. She will go with Naomi and me later in the week for a food tasting at the caterer's. She is a very friendly, out-going person.

Where's my dress? It was supposed to come 2 weeks ago. Currently it is being shipped..as are the favors. Naomi and Don'tae now have a wedding license and are meeting again with the minister.Maybe we are getting a handle on this. Still this is stressful.

Still to be done, programs, recycling old votive holders, figuring out where all these tables are going, altering the dress (though  I think we can skip this..she wants cups sewn in and maybe a bustle for dancing though she has a dancing gown that looks great on her).

Still hot here. Although not as bad as the South, we still had the hottest July on record. The humidity was a bit lower this morning so I could run a little farther.

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