Friday, August 19, 2011

What is a reservation?

If the last letter of the name of of your car rental company is zee, don't assume that just because you made a reservation that means you will actually get to rent a car. Argh!

It is hard enough to get 19 people together. We had two flights of relatives coming yesterday that were to come in roughly the same time from opposite coasts. Both used the monoply airline here, not much choice. The longest flight did come in  on time but not the shorter. Their plane had left the gate twice returning to the gate first because some warning light was on and the plane needed to be repaired. The second time while taxi-ing away, it was noticed that the mechanics left some flap open. The third time was the charm but the plane came in over 2 hours late. I watched their flight path on the computer..the path looked more like an EKG than a straight line. I guess they were avoiding storms. We were hoping that the car rented by the Atlantic coast people could carry some of the Pacific coast ones but instead of waiting at the airport, they all crammed on top of each other to come to our house.
We had made reservations at a nice restaurant for 19. We kept changing the times trying to predict when we actually could be together. I guess I should have made dinner for us all but everything is covered in wedding stuff and I am going crazy as it is. No food on the flight and our guests were hungry with all the waiting so we had some appetizers. Some of us went to the restaurant to eat. Fortunately they were understanding about seating our incomplete party. Meanwhile, back at the airport, it took almost an hour to get to the rental car place and when they got car. They were told no problem, a car would be ready in 20 minutes. This came and went. Meanwhile they spoke to some in the crowded waiting room and learned that some people had been waiting for this mythical car for several hours so why did they think they were getting a car anytime soon. Just because they had a reservation? Ha! Again the name ends in Zee.
Steve went back to the airport to rescue them, an hour round trip made even longer by not knowing where they were exactly, misleading signs and a parking lot that threatened to puncture all our tires if he attempted to enter it. By the time he delivered them to the restaurant, some of us had been there 2 hours. Babies were starting to get restless and cranky. But for ten minutes or so, we were all together and it was fun.

So why was finding a car, finding a parking spot, getting  a room, so hard? Pipefitters, what ever they are. Thousands of them are swarming the city this week for a convention. They complicated Josh and Julia's wedding plans 5 years ago today and they are back.

Meanwhile how to get a large group of people from A to B  with limited amount of seats. And the group expands tonight by two. A rental car procurement will be attempted but these pipefitters seem to have them all. But what is a wedding without some complication?

So I didn't do some of the tasks I set out to do last night. Developing a martini that could be mass made in advance, figuring out which wines to get, etc.

Today: pick up linens ahead of time and the rehearsal, and the rehearsal BBQ. At least it isn't raining..


Teri Bernstein said...

Hoo Haa! What a merry go round. Unfortunately, the company that ends in Zee has never heard of planes being late and they are up to their old tricks...May the decent weather

Alli said...

Sue I feel the excitement with you Can't wait to see the wedding photos......
Love Alli Xx

Cheryl said...

Ouch! What a nightmare. Does it add to the anticipation and excitement Sue? NO!
Like Alli, the wedding photos are something to look forward to and are as good as it gets for me.


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