Thursday, September 1, 2011

El Flaco y La Gorda

These are opposites; as opposites as can be. Can we find common ground?

Things to consider in the middle of the night. I wish that I could just sleep. I try to distract myself with my books. I am currently slogging through Snow about a Turkish poet who travels to a border town, far from the reach of the government and finds a huge clash between modern, secular Turkey and Islamic traditional Turkey. Deep within him, a similar struggle exists. What does he believe? Who does he believe?

I watch my 3 hummingbirds battle for the right to my feeder. The little male usually loses out. Unfortunately, the hummingbirds aren't the only ones interested in the feeder. Nasty yellow jackets have started to stick their disgusting mouthpieces into it and the ants are unbelievably talented at finding the long, complicated path to the feeder. Half of the ants end up drowning so they aren't so clever. I hang the feeder in different places thinking that no way the ants can find it yet in a day or so, they do.

September first: the end of summer? But tomorrow will be a sweaty 96 degrees.

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