Monday, September 26, 2011

Spy Pond

Spy Pond is a pretty city lake 15 minutes away double timing it pushing a heavy, unwieldy double stroller filled with antsy little boys.I am not sure the difference between pond and lake. In Michigan, this would be a lake for sure but they use the word 'pond' here liberally. Along its shores is a very fun playground filled with toddlers and their moms. These moms are a different kind of crowd than the ones found around their old place. I know Shanna will make friends here. One of her new neighbors with a toddler in tow knocked on their door  this morning to welcome them.One of the boys' favorite playground pieces was the bumpy slide made up of wooden rollers. But what kept Oliver rapt was the digger equipment with a series of dump trucks, earth. movers and shovels that the kids could use to move the surrounding gravel around.Oliver interacted with several like minded boys, fortunately they all got along. In the corner, a little boy Oliver's age was sitting on a portable toilet demanding privacy while his mom bragged to the other moms how advanced he was at 40 months going potty in something other than a diaper. He was on that thing for 20 minutes so I don't think he quite has the hang of it. She meanwhile was giving the other moms pointers thinking out loud that perhaps she should go into business as a potty consultant. I am assuming that kids' anatomies haven't changed that much in one generation but the average age of potty training has been extended at least by a year. Shanna was younger than Danny is when she outgrew diapers. We sat on the edge of the pond eating teddy grahams and watching the geese fight. Their parents were back at their old apartment doing the last clean-up before checking out. I think I'll take a day off from running as it is 80 and humid. Now it is late in the day and I am bushed from pushing Danny on the swing. I was trying to teach him to propel it himself but to no avail. Ramy goes back to work tomorrow and maybe the rest of us can have fun together though so many things are still in boxes.

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Cheryl said...

Sue, reading your post reminds me of the experiences lost along the way with living such a distance from my children/grandchildren. I do feel I can do without the experience of a Mum doing 'potty training' in a sort of public place; that was left for home in my day. Goodness I feel old and yet far too young to be living with this dreadful disease.


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