Friday, September 9, 2011

caju juice

Cashew apple plus weird cashew nut growing beneath it (from Wiki)
On the hotel's buffet table are many fruits Josh has not seen before along with an assortment of juices. His favorite juice so far? Caju or cashew fruit juice. The nut grows underneath the fruit. This nut is surrounded by poisons similar to that found in poison ivy which need to be burnt away to destroy them.

The caju hasn't found its way into North America because it bruises so easily.

He also is a fan of 'coconut kisses' which seem to be a mix of egg yolks, sugar and coconut.

The work day starts with a leisurely communal coffee break with really good coffee served in tall glasses compared to crappy vending machine coffee hurriedly sipped at ones desk alone that he drinks only to wake him up. As he is just south of the equator and it is fairly close to the equinox, days are as long as nights but begin at 5 am due to how far east they are with respect to the Eastern seaboard of the US. It is dark by the time he returns to his resort complex. He prefers Brazil so much more to Mexico City where he could barely breathe due to the pollution and altitude plus safety concerns were giving him panic attacks. Here he is at sea level with no close industry so all is clean. The guys will take him into the old city tomorrow, which is a world heritage site.

Before he begins to teach classes next week, he had to give a 4 hour presentation which apparently went well.

Back in boring old Michigan, it drizzled most of the day again but I was able to run out in the country for quite a while. I watched the adorable Ms. Maya in the afternoon while her mom looked for a part time job. She will be only taking one class this semester, which hopefully will enable her to earn some kind of living.

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