Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scenes from Boston


dump trucks and dirt diggers, what more can boys ask for?

climbing up the bumpy slide

While Shanna packed, I tried to take both boys out. Only Danny agreed to this. We took a walk along the ocean in the fog

bumpy slide at Spy Pond

at their new school's playground

right when I left

Spy Pond

Double stroller..Dan already left but at least I got Oliver to hold still for a second. He seems to hate his picture being taken

In the corner, one can see the potty being prepared. Not too private

The family in front of their new house

Japanese garden on UMass campus with Danny running around

Car in Arlington covered with stuff. Oliver was so mesmerized, he walked right into a pole giving him an impressive goose egg

Kennedy library through fog

Shanna's kitchen before she moved in. Lots of boxes in it now

The last bit of track from the Minuteman railroad. For some reason the boys were fascinated with this

Where I do my running in Arlington. I ran to Lexington on Tuesday

New house, new minivan. Oliver can be seen in between

Oliver on bike

Prerevolutionary house on main intersection in Arlington

Row house

It is very hard to get 4 people to smile and look at the camera at once but miracles of miracles....

The snack after the playground

Spy Pond

Stairs and Harborwalk bike path near old apartment

Arlington statue

We love dump trucks!!!

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