Saturday, August 1, 2009


Shanna and her family are slowly inching across Rte 90 stopping every few hours for her to walk around (week 35 of pregnancy) and to let Oliver blow off some energy. He hates to be confined. This week he learned how to lock himself in the bathroom (fortunately he will press the unlock button when asked), take his diaper off, unravel paper towels, and escape the apartment before his mom can stand up and catch him.

Naomi is at training to become a waitress. They will make some cuts today, hopefully not her as she really needs a job.

Mom's group tonight. I usually make desserts for this but tonight I will make a quinoa salad that I learned about in my cancer survivor cooking class. Unfortunately I lost the recipe but found one that sounds very close.

A shout out to Debbi who created my beautiful top that I purchased at the Art Fair. She put my picture in her latest blog entry (

My orange cosmos are finally in bloom. I was getting paranoid because none of the plants that I grew from seed actually produced flowers until this week even though the plants look healthy. I thought that there was be some magic ingredient I had to add to actually see flowers. A few days ago, I found that my string of solar lights (little stars that light up my fence) was chewed through. I was able to splice the very tiny wires back together yesterday and now my stars are lit again. Happy days. It was very toasty to run this morning making it an effort to finish. No running records this week and next week with my guests and activities, it will be hard to get many miles in.

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Sara Williams said...

Your poor daughter. I remember those days with a busy toddler and expecting my baby! Oliver sounds a complete joy, I so love children with fiest and character.

Glad Naomi got a job and I hope she keeps it too.



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