Monday, August 17, 2009

Sea of Pink

Yesterday as I was driving to the Y, I saw the 3 day Avon walkers against breast cancer all in pink walk through Ann Arbor. Now if I knew about it in advance, I might have volunteered but without a newspaper any more around here, except for a twice a week publication of a collection of blogs, their movie reviewer is a 11 year old boy who writes well for his age but is 11, we are pretty much devoid of a local news source.

I am sort of bored right now but I have only myself to blame. Lots of things I could be doing. I did have a good run this morning despite the humidity. I still have Ed Grimbley hair (nerd played by Martin Short on SNL) that forms a peak on the top of my head unless I put gel in it. It won't lie straight at all.

Steve bought Naomi a laptop for school which starts in 2 weeks for her. Steve and I will leave around then for the birth of the new baby unless he makes an early appearance.

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