Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Cancer is not for the vain. We are subjected to so many assaults on our appearance-hairlessness, steroid induced bloating, paleness etc. When I requested the 3 week Canadian radiation treatment (hypofractionated treatment), I was told that I will probably experience 'negative cosmesis'. Of course I have nothing to compare my affected breast to except to my non-mutilated breast. My primary remarked upon the 'good cosmetic effect' in June but I figured his experience was limited. He rather talk about my running. Both he and his wife are runners, she being in my age group. In my one moment of glory when I came in 3rd in the Big Ten, she came in 2nd. Now I can't even run 50 yds at the pace I ran for the entire 10 miles.

Anyway, I had asked the onc yesterday how my breast compared to those who had the full 6 weeks of radiation. She said it looked better than most of them so I guess my gamble paid off. Also I would be stuck for even more positioning x-rays that Aetna doesn't feel like paying for. As for my survival, they gave higher doses per treatment, more likely to kill those errant cells left behind from the surgery and chemo so that wasn't in question.

Today is the good day for running as the temperature is relatively low though it is still humid. I went for my long run in the country and felt fine.

Naomi decided to have her hair cut and now has bangs for the first time since she was a toddler. I will post a picture as soon as I can have her stand still for a second.

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Sara Williams said...

You talking about vanity and then Naomis hair cut made me think about my hair. I will never, ever again take a hair cut for granted! xxd


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