Thursday, August 13, 2009


This may be the birthday of my new grandson who is still upside down and not likely to turn.The OB has an opening that day. He is in the same pike position as Oliver was: butt down, knees around his ears. Shanna was told that maybe her uterus is more conducive for babies to be positioned that way. At any rate, we'll go out a couple days earlier assuming that the baby doesn't repeat Oliver and come 2 weeks early.


Sara Williams said...

You threw me for a second! In the UK our dates are writtend 4/9/09! Shannas baby will be born a day after my 15th wedding anniversary, the date war broke out (WW, the date of vicar who married us's wedding anniversary and the day after the start of my last chemo session! Phew! What a memorable September this will be!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I'd thought it would be neat if he were born 9-9-09 but no openning that day but there would be no confusion between European dates and American ones. As it is, it will be a busy September as Naomi starts college and needs so much help, plus she wants to move out of our house but I think I can get her to postpone that in the short term.


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