Monday, August 3, 2009

Mystery flowers

My bizarre cosmos. Although I planted some yellow and orange cosmos, those flowers look completely different and I haven't seen yellow cosmos with dark centers. Could they be some variety of English daisies?The flowers are only slightly more than an inch across.

At Shanna's wedding, as part of the favor bags, we gave out wild flower seeds-unspecified mix. This pink poppy is from that along with my mystery cosmos.

Oliver at Sugarbush near our house
As Steve and I had Oliver at the local park on the swings, Marilyn , the lady who was diagnosed with the same relatively rare cancer as I in the same week, walked through. She finished treatment 10 days before me but thinks I have more hair. But mine sticks up, even without the gel instead of lying flat as her does. Oliver enjoyed our park while his mom got some much needed rest. Still trying to plan how to handle the new birth. Ideally Ramy and I will be cheering her on in the labor room while Steve watches Oliver. Clairvoyance would be useful. The official date is 9-11 but she went 2 weeks early last time.
I still don't have alot of energy. Maybe I have some low-grade fever. I did run later in the day but it was an effort to keep going and I went to sleep not long after I finished. And tomorrow, summer actually will come with temps near 90. Not good for this runner.

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Sara Williams said...

Beautiful flowers and what a nice surprise! Sorry you have been poorly, sending you energising cyber hugs (())


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