Saturday, August 8, 2009

La mia famiglia

From left to right: Ramy, Shanna, me, Oliver, Steve, Harold, Naomi, Josh

For the past week, we have had visitors. First Shanna and her family then Harold, who is Steve's brother. We are at the $1.99 martini place in this picture. Shanna's new baby has appeared to drop so maybe he will come early. I've been trying to run every day to make up for my sloth and fatigue early in the week but now am dealing with thunderstorms.

One night I spend a good portion trying to console Naomi after a fight with her boyfriend. She of course, thought it was the end of the world and refused to eat or smile for 2 days. As I write, she is negotiating with him. I am trying to convince her the more you cling to a person, the more you drive them away but this is a lesson that one must learn on one's own.

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Kathy& Chris said...

Hey Sue,
What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing.


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