Friday, August 28, 2009


Oliver and his new buddy Elijah, age 27 months resting after chasing each other non-stop

Oliver likes to explore cracks

Oliver and friend Kevin, age 18 months, on top of the harbor map pointing to the planes overhead landing at Logan

I-93 bridge. As soon as you emerge from the long tunnel that goes under Boston, you're on this bridge going north.
Harborwalk is a series of 39 miles of bikepaths that skirt the shore through Boston. Shanna's apartment is just a few minute walk from it. Very convenient for this runner. Today I made it to Castle Island and back-a 8 mile round trip. As it is finally cool and dry, I didn't need to stop for water. If the path were not mainly concrete, it would be ideal. Fortunately the causeway going out to the island isn't so I had 2miles there of softer running.
Yesterday we fretted how the viewing of Ted Kennedy's body next to us at the Kennedy museum would impact us coming and going from this peninsula formerly known as Columbia Point. There used to be a notoriously crime-ridden housing project here. It has been since torn down and replaced by UMass Boston, the museum and this huge, gated housing community that Shanna lives in. Shanna needed to take Daniel to the pediatrician just as the motorcade would be making its way here. Turns out that there wasn't much of a problem traffic wise. Daniel had gained 5 oz since his release so all is good though she has to bring him back in a few days for a weigh in. Meanwhile I took Oliver for a long walk along the water. Lots of helicopters overhead so I could see where the motorcade was. Oliver likes the helicopters, the planes landing at Logan, and the sea gulls. We came across a couple of toddlers on our walk that Oliver enjoyed interacting with. One of whom he spent a whole hour with as his little friend's great-grandma and mother watched the goings on at the Kennedy Museum from our perch across an inlet. The mom, a very pleasant, chatty woman has 2 sons, 2 and 19. Interesting spacing. She figured out quickly that we had our youngest children at the same age. She had some concerns about raising a child when she was in her fifties but said that I looked pretty good and healthy and she'd hope she'd be the same at my age. Ha and dear reader, I didn't say anything about what I've been through. Such restraint! Sometimes I embarrass myself by blurting out, you know I've been battling cancer though I usually just want to explain my bizarre hair-do. Her nana, pushing 90, was a big Kennedy fan but wasn't going to have the strength to stand in line at the wake. We both took pictures of Elijah and Oliver together-the mom said Look, they look like Kennedy and Obama together. Well I guess if Americans can elect an African-American for President, they someday can elect a Jewish-Arab for President. Our little get together ended when Oliver tripped and scrapped his knee wanting his mama. By the time I got him in his stroller, he changed his mind and wanted to stay with Elijah. Mama spent nearly 3 hours on her trip to the doctor's with Steve as a chauffeur. Oliver is still working on sharing his mama with Daniel. He especially hates it when she feeds him.
Tomorrow Steve and I go back though not through Canada. I don't want to be detained at the borders with my expired passport plus Steve wants to go to the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown. We will probably stay in Corning, NY where I was born just south of the Finger Lake regions.

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