Sunday, August 2, 2009


My little buddy at 18 months

Oliver interacting with his Uncle Josh with Naomi on the side

Almost 15 hours after they left Boston, Oliver, Shanna and Ramy are finally here. They were delayed an hour alone trying to get into Canada around Niagra Falls. (it is shorter to cut through Canada than to go around the Great Lakes). He is a joy to have around but he is very active.

We had a mother's group Saturday at Brenda's who barbequed salmon on a cedar plank, which was tasty and also made sangria. I had made my quinoa salad that turned out well. I had enough left over for the brunch at my house today. It was a nice night with good friends complete with visits from the hummingbirds and the deer.

It was past midnight once the Bostonians came. I was so tired this morning I really couldn't do anything after brunch but sleep. Hopefully I will be more energetic tomorrow. Oliver is currently with the other grandma now-called Ta-ta (pronounced Tay-tah-Arabic) whereas Naomi spent the day with her friend Tata pronounced as it appears.


Sara Williams said...

Oliver is so cute! So nice for you to have him with you. Sounds like you have been having a good time x

Tracey said...

I'm sure you'll have the most wonderful time with your visitors.. I want an Oliver, could you email me him please? ;-) xx


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