Saturday, August 22, 2009

The apnea clock

Daniel under the bililights with his sunglasses
Daniel's welcome sign in the Level 2 nursery

Apnea is a stopping of breathing. Daniel has had several episodes in which he doesn't breathe for 10 seconds or so.He starts up by himself. He has several monitors on him measuring his breathing O2 levels, and pulse.The good news is that he has been fully weaned off of extra O2 and is able to nurse for very brief periods. Nursing is difficult to do with weak lungs as it is exertion and one has to breathe only through ones nose. The bad news is that he needs to spend time under the bililights as he is quite jaundiced. The earliest he can come home now is Tuesday as the policy is that a baby needs to be free of apnea episodes for 72 hours.

As he needs quiet, the hospital is the best place for him now. Oliver is certainly not quiet-full of energy. Seeing his mom with another baby won't quiet him down either. He has yet to see Daniel. I did show him other babies through the nursery window.

Hurricane Bill is the big, local news here but the bay was absolutely calm this morning. It was already 79 deg here at 6am when Oliver (and therefore Steve and I) got up. The humidity is so much greater here than Michigan. It could be 45 deg early in the morning back home and be 90 in the afternoon so it pays to run early. Here not much difference and of course it gets light here 1.5 hours earlier. The cloudiness did help me do a longer run today.

So we have settled into a routine. Get up early with our pal Oliver, feed and entertain him, I go for a run. Put him down for a nap, get lunch when he awakes, drive the 10 miles or so to Cambridge. Stay with Shanna for 3 hours taking turns entertaining Oliver, go home and make dinner. Put Oliver down around 8 and have 2 hours of free time before falling asleep.


Sara Williams said...

Daniel must be a strong little boy, I pray that he gets stronger each day and comes home soon.

However, my Joe was just over 2 when I brought Harry home and it was NOT peaceful so hospital is probably the best place for him.

Tell Shanna I am asking after her x

Batty said...

Slowly but surely things sound like they're getting better for Daniel. I hope all continues to go well and he's able to go home and be with his family.

Daria said...

What a sweet baby ... hoping you gets stronger every day.


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