Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home at last!

Kennedy Musuem from behind Shanna's apartment where they just took Sen. Kennedy
Oliver showing off his little brother

Inside the Kennedy musuem. Now it is packed with people to pay their last respects. The water around the musuem is filled with boats and the helicopters are flying right overhead much to Oliver's delight

Happy Oliver-Just as long as Mama isn't holding Daniel

Not us, but Daniel was finally allowed to go home as an 8 day infant. For some reason, the nursery put him on a 4 hour schedule instead of a 3 hour feeding program and then became concerned when he was losing weight. They wanted to keep him longer but it sounded like he would enter a downward spiral. Shanna now is supposed to put this weight gain supplement into her breast milk. I was fortunate to have 3 full term very large babies (Josh was over 10 lbs) that wanted to nurse every few hours. I never had to wake them up to feed. Daniel just wants to sleep all the time and he is difficult to rouse to eat.

Naomi misses us at home. She went to the school yesterday to find out the results of the tests she took a couple weeks ago from the school psychologist to see what accommodations will be given for her 'disability'. The bad news: no accommodations. The good news: she scored well on all her tests though reading comprehension was the weakest but not low enough to cause concern. She did mention that Naomi might have ADD but a physician will need to prove it. It rained yesterday in MI and Spud, our old pug, hates to go outside in rain so he peed in the house. Naomi really hates cleaning up after him.

Fortunately it was not as hot as they predicted in Boston yesterday and the humidity was finally reasonable so I went running for almost 7 miles. There is this walkway 30 minutes (by me running) that goes out into the ocean to an island that I was able to reach. It was much cooler out there with the breezes. Bringing the baby home was just for the immediate family so Steve and I were free to explore Boston babyfree. We went to the North End, which is the Italian area, for lunch and treats that we brought home from the bakery.

Oliver isn't thrilled to share his mama with the new baby as could be expected. Also due to the C-section, Shanna can not pick him up. Not much sleep for anyone here last night.

Boston loves those Kennedys. The local stations have Kennedy news around the clock. Today Edward Kennedy's body will be transferred to the Kennedy Library right behind Shanna's complex where the public can visit him tomorrow (though the national news misidentified the place as being on Cape Cod-hopefully everyone will just go there). Due to construction, traffic already is a pain getting onto this peninsula. Later today and especially tomorrow, traffic will be really impossible. Daniel needs to go to his doctor later today.


Kathy& Chris said...

That is great news Sue! Daniel is beautiful.

Batty said...

I'm so glad he was able to go home. Hurray! Kim

Sara Williams said...

I am so glad that Daniel is home. Those photos reminded me of the time I brought Harry home. Joe kept touching his foot then exclaiming "he moved" I also remember how possessive the older one gets! Daniel is probably not wanting to feed because he is prem. Joe was only 6lbs born 5 days late and he wouldnt feed at first I had a nasty midwife who... long story but really got stroppy with me saying "he is the smallest here" I was in floods of tears.

Now, Joe is thriving at the age of 10 and full of health!!!! Dont worry, Daniel is a fighter!


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