Monday, August 24, 2009

The biggest preemie

Daniel is still in Level 2 care and won't come home for at least 5 days. He has had some setbacks; his bilirubin levels went back up so back to the bililights and he had more apnea episodes. They are now thinking that despite his size, he is even younger than what they first thought. His due date was calculated based on his size at 10 weeks by ultrasound. Usually at that gestational age, the error limits are within a week. At birth, Daniel weighed more than the average full term infant. It is hard to believe that a 34 week baby could weigh 7 lbs 10 oz. My nephew Joe was born at 34 weeks weighing slightly more than 6 lbs, which was considered large.
Unlike most newborns whose fists are tightly balled up, Daniel's fingers are extended though he will curl them around ones finger. He has no eyebrows but does have a nice set of eyelashes (unlike his chemo poisoned grandma). At first glance, he appears to be a normal newborn (a cute one too now that the swelling from being manhandled in his difficult delivery has subsided) but he does not behave as one. Even though he has a strong sucking reflex, he has trouble coordinating swallowing with breathing.

Shanna is now home of course disappointed not to have Daniel here. She is pumping around the clock and could feed a small army of newborns. Steve and I took a walk to give the 3 of them some bonding time visiting the Kennedy Library. She went back to the hospital, 10 miles northwest of here, to deliver the milk late last night. Ramy will go to work today. Steve and I will take turns transporting her to the hospital (C-section patients shouldn't drive for 2 weeks)and watching Oliver.

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Sara Williams said...

Daniel is a real little fighter. My eldest was a week late and he only weighed 6 lbs 1oz and Harry was 7lbs 7oz so Daniel is a size!


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