Friday, August 14, 2009

Balancing act

Barely visisble are these cute little white flowers in my Scottish moss
I do have some orange cosmos now
Some day I will learn to properly group plants together. I have dry, sun loving cosmos who love poor soil with my impatiens who love moisture, rich soil and not so much sun. If I fertilize the impatiens, I get lush cosmos leaves with no flowers. These two plants have almost wiped out their competitors: the zinnias, poppies, pansies, violas, delphinium and listeria (not the right spelling but pretty tulip shaped annuals). My giant (at least the flower is) hibiscus is doing well but my petunias seem to have the same disease they had last year.
Our house guests are now gone. It was nice sitting on the patio in the evening sipping various drinks as the solar lights came on just talking about this or that. We had one last happy hour last night with Josh and Julia coming to see Harold off.
Instead of moving in with her boyfriend, Naomi now wants to get an apartment with a girlfriend. Although this is an improvement in many ways, she isn't really ready but I guess I have to let her find out for herself. I know at her age I was counting down the minutes until I could move out but we are leaving entirely different situations.
Yesterday was a "Y" day as I had run so many days in a row but today it was back on the roads. It does feel so good when I stop.

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Sara Williams said...

I moved out of home when I was 20 for the right reasons but I wasnt ready emotionally and it went wrong, within 6 months I was back home again. I think you just have to run with Naomi and pick her up when she falls (but with no "I told yu sos").

I love seeing your flowers, they are so beautiful x


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