Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daniel pix

Shanna and Daniel
View from her room The hospital is in Cambridge MA. Across the river is Boston
Daniel in his isolette. He is getting oxygen through a nasal cannula. His pulse, oxygen levels and respiration rate are continually monitored. He still can't be removed from the nursery, which is kept dark and quiet.
Having clear lungs is a luxury we take for granted. Daniel struggles for oxygen still. Initially he was unclothed in an open warming chamber so his chest could be easily observed. He used all his muscles just to breathe and it was very tiring for him for the first 12 hours. Now that it is becoming easier for him, they let him be swaddled. He also has an infection as indicated by high white counts and is on antibiotics. He grunts every few seconds to clear his lungs. When I saw him shortly after birth, I thought the grunts were an attempt to communicate as he was awake and regarding his surroundings but no, they are a reflex in response to full lungs. He won't be allowed out of the special nursery until the grunting stops but he is grunting less now so that's good. His breathing rate is slowly dropping. It was around 100/ per minute vs 60-70 for a normal newborn. I noticed Shanna's rate was 18, which is normal for an adult resting.
Shanna puts on breast pumps on both breasts simultaneously every 3 hours for 20 minutes in anticipation of being able to feed him. She is disappointed that he can't be with her all the time. She was allowed to hold him for 1 hour yesterday. Stimulation must be kept at a minimum as it increases his breathing and heart rate to dangerous levels. not fair they have to go through this.
Meanwhile we have his healthy, very energetic brother 24/7. Such a contrast! We did take him to see his mom yesterday (he will have to wait to see his brother). Oliver seemed to be taken back by her altered appearance and suddenly was shy but soon remembered her and pounced on her. Ouch.

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Sara Williams said...

Praying that Daniel keeps on making good progress! He is adorable. Give my best wishes to mum, she must be in an emotional state right now. xx


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