Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surgery date

Somehow I lost my next Tuesday slot. Someone more deserving received it instead. So Oct 15 instead is the big date. I have to go in 2 days before for preliminary tests (I guess to see if I can stand anaesthesia) and the night before to nuclear medicine to have them inject tracer dye into the lymphatic duct closest to the tumor. The dye will then migrate to the node that most likely to be positive, they take that out and inspect it thoroughly. If it is 'clean', they leave the rest of my nodes alone. If it contains cancer cells, out go all my nodes. They count up all the bad ones and figure out my prognosis from that. But by ultrasound, they all looked good so there is only a 20% chance of the sentinel one being bad and unlikely that many are bad.

And I feel fine. Yesterday I relatively effortlessly ran 5 miles finally recovering from inactivity due to the broken arm and the hypothyroidism. Never mine that 5 miles used to be my 'short' run. I ran more than 4 miles today.

Baby Oliver is here. Very cute. I do hope I get to see him grow up and meet his potential cousins.

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