Monday, October 20, 2008

Surgery date

UM called me today with my new surgery date of Oct 29th. They also scheduled another 'wire guided biopsy" but they might cancel that depending on what the mammogram Thursday shows. I am hoping very much it isn't needed as it is quite painful.

While editing my posts, I noticed I had received a comment from a triple negative person, Renee a few days ago. These posts I guess are public which I found out when I was researching "Secinaro crater" and came up with my Italian blog. But anyway, this woman's point was that I shouldn't read anything more than 2 years old as the older info is so much doom and gloom. She is about 3 months ahead of me with a similar diagnosis although her tumor is smaller. She had possible genetic issues delaying her surgery. (If you find you are BRAC1- they recommend bilateral mastectomy)She keeps a blog and discussed daily how that was for the first round she finished. I will probably have a similar regime so it was interesting if not scary reading. Lots of nausea and mouth sores so bad, she couldn't brush her teeth. Also hair loss. She got wigs ahead of time. So she's supposed to have 4 rounds. If it were in her nodes, 6 rounds. Her initial reactions were similar to mine though she had the additional burdens of a husband with possible adrenal cancer (turned out to be benign) and a job. Her mind seems to be in a better place now despite being in the longest and most painful section of the 'triathlon' as she calls it. I'm in the initial leg-the surgery section, then chemo, then rads.

Brenda and I went to see baby Matthew who now is 6 days. Very tiny and precious. We then had lunch at La Fuente so I could have my 'arroz con mariscos'. If it weren't beginning to rain, we'd taken a walk though I had a brief one later with Steve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue -
I'm Kathy, 36 years old, and a 1-year survivor of triple-negative breast cancer. I found you through Renee's blog - she somehow found mine and commented on it, and I saw your comment on hers.

I had a lumpectomy, internal (Mammosite) radiation and chemotherapy, which ended about seven months ago. I found out I was BRCA1 positive somewhere in the middle of everything, and now I'm planning on a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.

I just wanted you to know that I know what you're going through and that even though we've never met, I support you and cheer you on all the way.

Best always,

Sue in Italia said...

Thanks Kathy for your support. It is a scary journey and I hope you are finished except for the vigilence to make sure it didn't come back. When I first found out I had a tumor (not knowing its real size and pathology) the mammosite protocol looked good but the University of Michigan doesn't do it though a near-by hospital does. But it is a moot point now they found out the tumor was much bigger than it appeared on the ultrasound (I still don't understand that). What chemo regime did they put you on?


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