Friday, October 3, 2008

My date is back

I got a call very early this morning saying that Ms. More-desperate than me cancelled her surgery so I can go instead. She didn't have a nuclear medicine slot (they must know it's in her nodes or she has a metastasis) so they scrambled to set that up. I am having all the pre-surgery work Monday. My heart is pounding out of my chest I am so nervous but I want it done ASAP as it could spread.

I cancelled my job as an election official as I could be having chemo then. Meanwhile a certain someone had used Steve's name as a reference (without asking) cancelled their election duty without explanation so they are coming to us to ask why.

My roommate N had been nervously awaiting her bone marrow biopsy. She has multiple myeloma, an awlful disease that makes breast cancer look good. She appears to have a less severe case but is nervous that it could quickly turn into a full-blown form. She had suspicious blood tests but just learned that it didn't turn bad yet.

I went to Happy Hour with the ex-Kizer chemists that still are around yesterday. I didn't tell anyone my sad story. It was interesting finding out who is where. All the chemists who moved to Groton or Sandwich are very unhappy campers. Right before he was let go 16 months ago, B accidentally learned that he had lung cancer even though wasn't a smoker. He had a growth in his mouth, harmless, but the x-rays included a chest shot showing the tumor, for which he had no symptoms. They removed the lobe. He went to work at his new job while doing chemo according to J who works with him now. The smells of the lab made his nausea worse but he kept plugging away. I had lunch with him around Christmas and he didn't say anything about all of this but he is a very private person. My point I guess is maybe chemo isn't so bad. He seems fine now.

The Wall Street Journal came today with a pink ribbon on it and kids were supposed to wear pink at school. Naomi did not but she did tell me about a friend whose mom just finished chemo. Breast cancer all over the place.

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