Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surgery today

Well my jewelry is all off, make-up all off, and I am about to leave for surgery. Didn't sleep much as I was concerned with all the what-ifs-the main one being what if I don't come back? I guess I wouldn't know if I don't but since they knew how to put me under last time and I survived, I assume they will know what to do. But then there is the post-op pain and grogginess and the more difficult 2 wire insertion-ugh. I had a few well-wishers via e-mail this morning. Thank-you--it means so much to me to feel that I am not completely alone with this.

For my 'last' supper, Steve got me sushi and pistachio gelato. I laid off the wine this time.

Since I have a later start time and was allowed coffee with sugar, I could run. I've run more than 2 marathons worth since the first surgery. And it actually was warm (vs the snow and 28 degrees originally fore casted.

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Anonymous said...

My dear, strong friend - I'm thinking of you and going on your runs with you vicariously.


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