Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The day before surgery

Cute Oliver ready for Halloween. He won't be around this time to cheer me up after surgery.

This time I will be allowed to drink black coffee and have apple juice the same day of the surgery. Last time, absolutely nothing. So maybe I can avoid the caffeine headache this time and with a little bit of sugar, be able to sneak in one more run though there might be snow on the ground.
I have been running well again. It is hard to believe that I am sick. After my run I walk through the woods near my house. I used to run through them but that's where I broke my arm and now all the tree roots are covered up with leaves making it even more dangerous to run. Anyways today I ran into an acquaintance walking his dogs. So he asks, how are you? Now I know this isn't a call for a listing of all my grievances but it seems dishonest to say I am fine when I am not (though most of the time, I say I am ) I said-well this will be my last run for a while and I will miss running so much. I then say the whole sad story.
Sunday Julia had a costume party for dogs at her store. Naomi had passed out fliers all over Dexter the day before. I couldn't get up enough energy to go. Josh had come over to visit me for a while. Later Jan came over and we watched that silly HBO vampire show. She still is living out of hotels since her condo is full of dust from the demolition, which is very upsetting to her.
I had lunch at WCC with Brenda. It was nice. Not sure where Steve is. He left 4 hours ago to go running. He is very sensitive to cold temps and everything has to be just right before running so he goes indoors. Sometimes this irritates me because I will go out in any weather even with a bleeding wound. Like, why can't he just tough it out.
So I am dreading tomorrow. I hate pain and waiting around for hours and I won't have the support I had last time.
Hopefully they will get it all out this time.

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Renee said...


I wish you the best during tomorrow's surgery. Stay on top of the pain meds and let your body heal for the next part of this journey.



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