Monday, October 13, 2008

Family dinner

Sadly we are not into eating regularly on a nightly basis but almost every Sunday, we have had 'family' dinners to get the family together if just briefly. So Josh and Julia came over and of course Oliver and Shanna were over. Oliver loved interacting with his aunt and uncle. Since my energy level is so low, it was agreed that I wouldn't have to do much cooking-just to give advice. I do notice that I am stuck for dishwashing. Steve barbequed steaks and made potatoes, Shanna the dessert, and I made my Italian 'bietole' this time with 'rainbow chard', which my guests regarded suspiciously. J&J brought me some expensive wine and chocolates.

I was able to run much more easily this morning and have discovered a more discreet way of minimizing 'breast bounce' without looking so stupid and getting arm cramps on top of it. My heart didn't go out of control like yesterday and I recovered much more quickly. Still I felt faint after I stopped but I had been bending over deadheading my pretty much dead petunias.

Later I am leaving the house for the first time (other than my walks) and will pick up my Italian roomie Nancy to go to WSU for the first movie of the Italian film festival that Elena (my nice cinema teacher) is sponsoring. I am looking forward to it.

Shanna and Oliver are out visiting Olga.

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