Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday and the birdies

Naomi last weekend dressed for homecoming among some of my patio flowers, some of which are still alive after the hard frost. Note the shiny blue shoes.

So I am trying to enjoy each day as they come, which may be a bit melodramatic as the worse odds I've seen gives me about a 60% chance of being alive after 10 years and treatments become more targetted all the time. Shanna and Oliver left early without me getting a chance to take a 'good' picture of him though we have plenty but none of them the way I see him.

It was a cool sunny day. I had gone for a 4 mile run, that though I solved the breast bounce issue, I ended up abrading my skin in several places and my node wound is now weeping. Later Karen and I went for a walk in Kensington. When it is very cool, the little songbirds cluster together and beg for food-the flock consisting of mainly chickadees, tufted titmice, nuthatches and the odd downy woodpecker. Karen was thrilled to have the chickadees and titmice eat out of her hands, a first for her. As the day went on, it warmed up and the birds were less interested, a big disappointment to the many children there with their outreached hands. Although we saw a deer calmly feeding near us, we didn't see the cranes except from a distance and saw no turkeys. We walked about 3.5 miles between the 2 trails. It is pretty there. In the nature center, which is nearly the same as it was when I was a kid, they had a display about deer in Michigan. The collective herd is 4 times the size as it was in the 70s. I never saw a deer growing up in southern Michigan. The county with the most deer collisions is Kent followed by Jackson. When we had our accident 3 years ago, the sheriff told me Scio Township (where my car smooshed the world's largest buck 0r rather it smooshed my car and where Josh lives) had the most collisions in the state though it seemed that Washtenaw was only about 6th on the list.

Later we went to Novi to Karen's mother's house to pick up boards for a ramp for her arthritic dog Cisco taking the backroads through fall colors to get there. Nancy called later to alert me to a special on the Herceptin story on TV, a drug that targets an aggressive breast cancer. However, I don't have this receptor (the third negative in the triple negative) so it wouldn't help me much. A mixed blessing as the drug costs $70K/year and has especially nasty side effects such as heart failure and one still has to take the traditional chemo .

Lots of e-mail today. Thank-you folks.

I am taking a break from running today plus I got a late start on my day. I wake up in the middle of the night and start obsessing. I did this even before the diagnosis so it is nothing new just gives me a new subject. I try to replace it with a mindless activity such as karuko. I think this afternoon Brenda and I will see her new grandbaby.

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