Thursday, October 30, 2008

What keeps me up at night

Usually I have no trouble falling asleep but then I wake up around 2 or 3 am and my mind just covers the same tired territory over and over-unfair, unfair, unfair. For the past 2 months some of these thoughts have been focused on the terror of cancer and the whole series of what-ifs and why-mes but actually alot more time has been dedicated ( or wasted but I can't quite help myself) to how Naomi was cut from the volleyball team despite being one of the best players, being a senior, and us spending thousands of dollars on travel teams in the off-season. She sprained her ankle during try-out week after just completing one of they many 'skill tests' they needed to be graded on (the two mile run-she had the best time but I can see how that isn't that necessary in volleyball) They made her do the rest of the skill tests when she could barely walk much less jump. Obviously she didn't score too high despite for the last two years, she has had one of the highest scores. This new coach just showed her that her scores were lower than other players (some who were extremely weak players) so even if he kept her, she would be benched and I was thinking, what BS! Does he think these scores represent how she really is as a player? She had led her two travel teams to state championships! So unfair!

But the other day I ran into volleyball parent in the woods.  According to this parent, who has inside information, Naomi was dropped for her low grades even though she was one of the most talented players.

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