Thursday, October 23, 2008

No cancer card

I got a visit from the "Community Standards Police" yesterday. Someone complained that I have an 'abandoned' car in front of the house. Any car that hasn't been moved in 48 hours can be considered such. He drew a blue box around the brown monster and said it needed to be outside that box when he comes back in 48 h. Thanks neighbor, I have cancer. Of course, despite its new battery, it wouldn't start though it did later when Josh came over with jumper cables. Meanwhile Josh's fan doesn't work so no heat or defroster for him so Steve gave him one of our cars after driving him to the dealer thinking that he could use the brown monster today when WE NEED TWO CARS. One for me to go to my mammogram and surgery consult and one for Steve to go to Huron.
He couldn't get it started again so something more serious is wrong-starter? voltage regulator? I guess we could be pushing it back and forth every 48 hours but leaf clean-up is coming up and it needs to be off the street so a long term solution must be made ASAP.

Of course Josh could have waited one more day to fix his car and I wouldn't be stuck for walking 2 miles along Plymouth Rd during rush hour or waiting 2.5 hours for Steve to finish up teacher conferences that I really needed to go to for at least part of them. Steve should have realized this but he isn't talking to me still other than when absolutely necessary. He did sleep a remarkable 11 hours last night. If by some chance you do read this, is this how you had wanted to spend the time we had left together?

Meanwhile I am gathering questions for the surgeon. I am afraid to go there as every time, I get
progressively worse news. Plus the mammogram of my sore breast will feel so good.

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