Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So the Dr. Susan Love website has this odds calculator to figure out your chances of surviving depending on your tumor, treatment,etc. It doesn't combine all the factors like one 'for doctors only' but for my receptor negative tumor, with chemo I have a 63% chance of being alive after 10 years vs 58% of no chemo. So is chemo worth it? There are some assorted other markers that they are just discovering that can more accurately pinpoint ones odds.

Damn-now I wished I had had my mom's cancer, which was receptor positive. Much, much better odds. About 95% without chemo aside from the tam0xifen plus she was 9 years older.

We got a call from Northwest before 6 am saying they were cancelling Shanna's flight due to mechanical difficulties but they had booked her on a 1-stop flight with 30 minutes to spare in Indy. I paid twice as much for the ticket specifically because I wanted to spare her and Oliver the stopover. This is not fair. She later managed to get a later flight that was one stop but we have to pick her up 6 hours later than the original flight plus Ramy has to leave in the middle of the day to get her to the airport instead of dropping her off. But I will get to see them in a few hours barring any more of NW's antics.

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