Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calm before the storm

I feel fine physically. Running is becoming easier and easier and I think I am dropping weight. At least my clothes are baggier but I am off those hormones that can make me retain water and also my thyroid meds are gradually kicking in as I was quite hypothyroid a few months ago.
After the biopsy I wasn't to do any strenuous exercise for a few days but after 48 hours, I figured I could double bra to minimize bouncing. I don't want them to use a possible hemotoma as an excuse to put off surgery.

UM sent me all this info by UPS. Lots of info including about mastecomy. I don't think I will need that unless they can't get clean margins.

I had something about my negative prognosis to Josh and he got very mad at me saying that I am being unnecessarily negative and that alone will ensure a negative outcome. I guess I'll have to put on a happy face but he is no different from anyone else-no one likes self pity.

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