Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Winter in April

I had these giggling beauties with me this afternoon (along with their moms). Tess is in focus; Maya is not. Just the opposite in the photo below

For Tess's birthday, I gave her funds such that she could pick out a princess costume in Disneyworld. She opted for Rapunzel

Two weeks ago, it was spring! 60 degrees; flowers blooming. and then the freeze came. 16 degrees this morning with a high of 30. I ran through snow and ice Sunday. Yesterday I had guests but lacked the energy to go out in the cold, blustery wind later that day. I  will do a double workout the next day. Yeah rightI did do a long run this morning but as it was only 20 degrees when I finished, bicycling was out of the question 35 degrees is my limit. Fortunately it was sunny and calm. Birds were singing, deer running parallel to my path. It was nice.
As I type, my Brooklyn brother-in-law is on his way here. The Seattle folks will fly in Thursday.
A weird idiom: he drives me to distraction.
As it is spring break for Maya (different schedule than Shanna's kids), I had wanted to take her somewhere fun but this cold weather stopped that. After Tess left, she still wanted to play outside so I watched her on the balance bike, which she is outgrowing. I should get her one with pedals.
My friend's biopsy results came in today; no cancer which is good but she still is suffering from host versus graft disease.
The next few days will be busy...which is good.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading you blog. My niece loves in leelanau county. Kathy

Elephant's Child said...

Both giggling beauties are gorgeous.


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