Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lockdown drill

Finally, finally got an indigo bunting to visit the feeders

isn't he pretty?
Daniel and his sister were our guests Friday morning. He isn't feeling well
Last year I took a similar photo to several nurseries to ID it. No luck but someone in my class knew it was a Pasque flower, named as it blooms around Easter. Well it's about a month late this year but it is blooming.
Birthday dinner last night with Josh's family in Brighton, which has a nice playground right on the water downtown. A nice night. Had a Moscow Mule, the latest trendy drink, one of Josh's favorites. He didn't think ours was gingery enough

It is a beautiful Sunday morning: sunny, windless..what am I doing in front of a computer when I should be out  my long ride that I got up especially early for? Waiting for it to warm up. Later it is to be 67 but just as I was going out the door, I noticed it was 31. Frost on the grass should have been a clue.

While Shanna was volunteering at the school, they had a lockdown drill which involves hiding in a small room being as quiet as possible not to alert the crazed gunman. Well guess who will be the first one shot? Oliver just can not stay still or quiet. He lost his privilege of making a clay bird in art. I am not sure how they explained the drill to the kids. Make a sound and you might be killed? In my day, we had fire drills and tornado drills. In NYC, the tornado drills were replaced by civil defense drills in which the kids hid under desks in case of  a nuclear attack. Even a small child would grasp the futility of that. At least fire and tornados can be defended against.

Bad soccer grandma: Maya had he first game yesterday or rather her team did. She outright refused to participate. On the field, she sucked her thumb as the ball rolled by. No amount of cajoling would spring her into action. This is something she should be good at. Her 'step-sister' was a one girl team. Later she got ice cream while Maya had none. I did not know what to say constructively to her. Destructive probably is what I was. Not used to this. Her mom was a whirlwind on the field. Even Shanna would at least look like she was trying. Later Maya called us wanting to apologize for wasting our time. She said she will definitely play in the future. She seemed in a good mood by then and sincere. We will see.

I've been weeding. I have replaced the Easter wreathe with one full of cardinals. Yep I know cardinals aren't spring like. Maybe today the Xmas lights can come down when I get ambitious enough to saw my long chain into 4 small chains to hang pots and feeders from our 15 foot high porch. I only want Steve up that high once.

Cold be damned. It is getting late increasing my chances of becoming road kill. Already I have altered my route.


Anonymous said...

Lexi's class had a practice lockdown and a stray/rabid dog was used as to the reason for sitting on the floor holding a backpack and being quiet.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Not sure if that would be less scary.


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