Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy bertday to me

me missing the same teeth that were knocked out in my recent accident. Hair is distressingly similar. My companions were a year ahead of me and constantly lorded that over me. Despite my father being a photographer, there aren't many photos of me past this as I ceased to be photogenic once I was 5. I guess he had a point.
Birthday flowers. An Applewatch will be coming once the new model is out and the current one is cheaper.

Naomi playing with Instagram filters again

I received two singing messages yesterday morning. One from Ms. Maya who has trouble with 'th's and one from my friend battling host versus graft disease. On FB, Rastaman, my sometimes bicycle companion (he wears fleece dreadlocks over his helmet) was first of 30 something to wish me Happy Birthday on FB. Some texts. A card in the mail.Some phone calls. Was Josh's prompted? He wouldn't tell. He is terrible with dates. Best: a lunch date with my oldest child though it was cut short by a call from the school Please pick up your child ASAP. Later, dinner with Steve at a new place of my choosing. I chose badly as it turned out at a place with unbelievably bad service. And we battled snarled Ann Arbor traffic to get there. In 2 weeks, the students leave so maybe the town will be more accessible. There were a few that I didn't hear from so my inner child is pouting as my adult self is saying Stop your whining; count your blessings!.
In Cancerland, each new year should be viewed as a victory. Ha I survived despite you. The pessimist sees one step closer to death. How wrinkly I am? How slow I've become? But the truth is I don't believe the calendar. I feel younger. I have to prove my 'seniorhood' constantly as my hair throws those who don't look too carefully, off. I am fairly healthy (current battle is the aftermath of taking Clindamycin 2 months ago). I can still run ever so slowly and bicycle for hours.
My baby girl will turn 37 this year. A son -in-law is in his 40s. Even Naomi, who I had as an 'elderly' mother, is 25. I must be old.
As usual, it rained on my birthday though it at least stopped while we were taking the long walk from our remote parking spot to the restaurant and back. I did find a time in the morning when it was only drizzling to run protected from the wet with my oldest article of clothing, my arctic wool hat. I did weed as the ground is now soft. Shall I plant stuff today? As we were late in contacting the guy in charge of dewinterizing our pipes (we are too stupid to do this ourselves), I am glad for rain until he comes in 3!!!!weeks. Note to self: must start nagging earlier.
I've been battling grackles. They arrive in large flocks of all males picking the feeders clean in minutes making their rusty hinge noises.  Hate them. They are worse than squirrels. They do leave the finch feeder alone and the feeders in front as they haven't discovered them.
Every time I look on Zillow, the value of our house jumps another thousand. If only we were earning a thousand a day! So now it is more than a $100K over; even over what those greedy grackle band of assessors pegged it at (they backed off on half of their outrageous value but we still need to take our case to the state by the end of May).

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