Saturday, April 9, 2016

Six year old humor

My 91.5 year old mother-in-law waiting to get on the plane to come here

Daniel decided to tell us last night his original jokes:
What do you call a pig causing chaos?
What does a horse wear?
Nothing. He's NEIGHHHH-ked.
There was some skepticism in the audience that Daniel wrote these himself particularly
 the first one using words such as 'chaos' and 'mayhem' that aren't usually in a 6 year old
 vocabulary but he is unusually fascinated with words. If he hears an unfamiliar word,
he asks about it and adds it to his internal list. His favorite word is 'instigator' as in
 But Tessa was the instigator!
I think these jokes are known as groaners. I've searched for Daniel's jokes and haven't
found them so he may be right. He is a clever little boy.
Josh liked groaners too at his age but his were especially unoriginal and he often muffed
 the delivery.
How many jokes have I heard throughout the years and how many do I remember?
Not many and most were from when I was 10 or so:
What's white and crawls up your leg?
Uncle Ben's Perverted Rice.
How did Helen Keller get wax under her fingernails?
Whispering sweet nothings in her boyfriend's ears.
Our house is now full of people. Steve's mom, brother and sister have come from
their respective coasts. The kids and their kids visit too so some chaos and mayhem
 here. All is good and fun though I know a mess in the kitchen awaits. I am nervous
 about Steve's mom as the new surrounding is confusing. She needs to know what
 time it is constantly.
So it's 7:45 now?You'll take me home now and I will be home by 8.
No, you are 1900 miles away, not 1 mile away.
But she gets a kick of watching the great-grandkids' interactions and they are no
 longer scared of her. Tessa helped put her to bed last night. The chairs in our
breakfast nook are not senior friendly as they are high. Having a ranch, though,
is helpful as stairs are very difficult.
We went for a short walk yesterday in a nearby town (where Julie grew up).
Although she moves well for a 91 year old, some impatient middle age man
became trapped behind her and the walker. My sister-in-law noticed his eye
rolling and attacked. See how well he moves when he's her age. But he probably
 won't ever be her age. Not many will. Although she will get confused about some
 details (like where she is and what day it is), she is very alert. Her long term
 memory is intact though very sugar coated. She remembers only the good.
She knows the Marnier's roster and lives for their games.
More later.


Anonymous said...

A very happy, joyful photo! Steve's family is a tight knit group, it seems. My mother in law is 91 this year. Her memory is incredible. I hope Gary takes after her. :)

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

My MIL was very happy to see the great grand kids though she is not fond of flying. If all of us could age with our minds mom died at 80 after 4 years of Alzheimer's. She has a sister who is turning 96 this month who is doing very well along with a 95 year old brother.


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