Thursday, April 7, 2016

Corbels and corvids

I've been buying corbels as minishelves. This is made from cement

This one is made from metal. I also have pairs of painted wood
I like this painting. Unfortunately I couldn't put it up by myself as it is way up there. Big sigh from Steve

I try to buy corbels when ever I see them so I can put up some of my treasures above the hands of the grandbabies.
Corvids are crows and their ilk that lately have been visiting my feeders. The only corvid I like are the blue jays as they are pretty and are too big and clumsy to get much out of the feeders. They eat below. But male grackles and redwing black birds come in big flocks (no females) and pick everything dry. They are easy to scare away but they are relentless.
Yesterday we had thundersnow. The weather report predicted rain to start at noon so I went out early in dark skies even though the well hidden sun had been up for 2 hours. Soon I was being pelted by ice balls that melt as soon as they hit the ground. Then thunder, then lightning which I judged to be a mile away. I was running through deep woods. Hopefully the lightning would hit the trees first. In my sub, the land is wide open and I would be the tallest object. I guessed I would be safer in the woods. The ice balls started to accumulate . Such strange weather.
In Shanna's school district, all second graders spend a day at a one room school house near me that was built to serve the ghost town I live in. They are to dress as 19th century school kids. Oliver's turn is today but Shanna couldn't find the requisite suspenders. That was my excuse to go to the thrift store where I found a pair. I had seen these kids in the past and assumed it was an Amish school until I noticed the sneakers.
Off to fix my nails so when I was to go to the first neighborhood association, they wouldn't look down on me for having chipped nails. The ones ruling the board have moved or are moving out of  the neighborhood and new people have been put in their place. Does anyone object? I don't know these people. The new guard want the neighborhood to be more friendly yet it was pulling teeth to get them to say their names and where they lived. I know their dogs more than them. Do we want a gate and guard house to the front of our sub as some suggested? Nah. Do we want to salt the road near the entrance so we don't slide into the busy road? Yep even though it violates the township's rules. Our meeting was downtown, a 6 mile schlep. This was my third trip already that day. Once for the thrift store, later to take my brother-in-law to Happy Hour, then to the meeting which could have been held in one of our houses as there was just ten of us.
I had signed up that day for my cooking class but between Steve's brother coming and having to go to that meeting in the opposite direction, that was not going to work.
Steve's sister and mother show up today. It should be fun.
Below: Oliver dressed as a 19th century schoolboy

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Elephant's Child said...

I do like corvids. Intelligent family minded birds. Sometimes smarter than us.
Good luck with your visitors.


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