Monday, April 18, 2016


I have daffodils of various colors all over the place Blooms won't last long in this heat. Yep it is 81 degrees. Just last week, there was snow.
Maya and the girl she lives with on the weekend. They are on the same soccer team
Josh's family. Didn't get to see him this weekend
Art next to the front door
New print in hallway with reflections from the nearby room

I should be out weeding right now but lazy, lazy lazy. I've only done a bit of today's to-do list. Before the heat hit, out for a long run and a short bike. Windless, cloudless. Some of last week's turmoil seems to be subsiding so maybe I can sleep better now.
The hawk was sitting on the nest as I ran by. I did not see its partner. What are hackles as in 'it raised my hackles'?  According to one bird book, the difference between the sharp-shinned hawk and the Cooper's hawk is that the latter has 'hackles' whereas the former has a milder mien. Mean looking eyebrows?
Turkeys ran in front of my bike yesterday. I hadn't seen them since the fall though they don't migrate. I don't see turkeys along my usual running route (lots of deer though) but I can cover more territory on a bike.
Last night I went to a memorial for a friend's father. The prayers were in Hebrew but a translation was provided. I was struck with the difference between them and those said at a Christian ceremony. In the latter, you are to be comforted by the idea hat your love one is now with their savior. None of that in the Kaddish. Instead more reminders of who provides the rains for your crops. Cross Him, and the rains will cease.


Elephant's Child said...

Love the daffs - and hope they are more resilient than you expect.
Religions are like that aren't they? Similar, and very, very different.

lotta joy said...

Thank you so much for visiting my "MASH" unit of blogland. I've read backward on your posts and see that your eyes are on the birds of the world just as Elephant's Child. I'm bald, wear a wig, and have a shitload of medical diseases as well as lasting immune failure. Yay?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I am a fan of EC where I came upon your blog. EC's birds are much more exotic than my Mid-Western flock. I do hope they were able to effectively deal with your dental issues. No yay for all the other medical challenges you face LJ.


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