Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday's night guest

My luxury item for the living room by Kathryn Henneman. Steve is not impressed as it is mostly empty space. If these monoprints are original, I got a good deal (they look real). If they are reproductions, not so much

Maya looks so somber here

she likes the clown that I have as a decoration in the room she sleeps in
cheapie but I like it.

To give Naomi a break, I've been picking Maya up at soccer practice and bringing her to our home. She did participate in the practice instead of shutting down as she did in the game. Naomi is coming over to practice with her. You could fit several soccer fields on our property.
Earlier in the day, Tessa was with us. It was too cold for her to go outside.
Last week I was good and only bought a picture stand (never pass those up) but today I went sort of wild. The series of monoprints was the most expensive thing I ever bought in a resale shop. After researching it, I went back to get it though I still think it is overpriced.
I waited until the afternoon for my long ride as it was so cold this morning. Unfortunately, the wind picked up but it felt good to be moving.

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