Monday, April 25, 2016

The church of inane signs

This is the church's message board I go by often. What I fail to see are worshippers

Other inanities: Christmas without Christ is plagiarism and Thank God we put a man on the moon
I do like this mailbox
Everyone needs a solar chicken, a gift from a dear friend
I took down the Easter eggs and redecorated the wreath with cardinals
I also took off the eggs from my tree. Extra bonus: we took down our snowflake lights replacing them with chains I can hang flower pots and bird feeders. The rodents will have to walk upside down on the porch ceiling to access them Good luck with that.
I biked more than 25 miles yesterday so I am getting stronger. Very pretty though as I had to delay my ride, traffic was heavier than I would have liked. Today I just went for a short ride tucking my head down as I was going into the wind. At the last second, I looked up to see a tractor hauling a spreader just a few feet from me spewing out a cloud of toxic herbicides. I tried to hold my breath. It was such a foul, choking gas cloud. If I had been looking up I could have at least gone to the other side of the road.
A good day. It never became too hot so I was able to get some yard work done. I had a nice, long phone conversation with an old friend who I hadn't spoken to for a while. Bonus, we may be travelling together soon. Note very small may. Don't want to get my hopes too high.

My swallows came back yesterday, 2-3 weeks later than last year. They swooped around me as I was on the porch. May 3 is when I saw my first hummingbird. I should get stuff out for them.
Then a friend came over. We sat on the porch as the sun went down yakking it up, drinking wine.
Off to have lunch with the hubby.

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