Friday, April 29, 2016

Bird land

Male red bellied woodpecker

I love his feathers
A visit from Mr. Rose Breasted grosbeak. Haven't seen him in a year. His ugly mate hasn't been seen yet
Among the service berry blossoms
Later I bought this lamp and two tables

Mrs Red-bellied showed up even later

A good day for new birds though I have heard the red bellied woodpeckers before on our roof, I just never saw them. I do see them on my runs and took distant photos of them a few weeks ago but now, both the male and female came to my feeders today. Early in the morning, the male rose breasted grosbeak came in all his glory. I do have my oriole feeder baited as they came the same time as the grosbeaks last year.
A good friend and I spent a very wonderful afternoon in Northville today. A tasty lunch followed by shopping. In a resale shop, I found these end tables and a walnut pseudo-Frank Lloyd Wright lamp.

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Elephant's Child said...

LOVE your birds. So much.


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