Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trencadis Teapot

I thought that a potential hobby would be to buy up cheap dishware and break them up to form planters In the mean tme, I bought this

All over Facebook,  Michiganders have been posting pathetic photos of their spring flowers suffering from the snow These are my crocuses. So sad

I finally put together my peacock trellis (purchased a month ago) Amazing how long it took to put together a 3 piece puzzle when I kept putting one of the pieces on backwards. This is sort of a trencadis piece but pieces of glass were used rather than ceramics
Poor Allie looks like someone slapped her cheeks, a cardinal sign of 5th disease. The pediatrician agreed with Dr. Sue. All better now. Last week she had her first haircut as some of her back hairs were in the middle of her back though most of the hair ended as you see here

During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the camera kept focusing on Gaudi's buildings. I told myself that if I ever got to Europe, I would head to Barcelona to see these for myself. Ten years later, some of the Moms and I went to Paris to visit one of the kids studying abroad. Another mom and I hopped an overnight train to Barcelona, one of the most memorable nights of my life.
To cover his curvy creations, Gaudi quickly realized that conventional tiles would not do. He bought out all the broken bits from nearby ceramic factories and turned them into mosaics he called trencadis. I went back there two years later with different friends to spend more time there (and in Madrid and Sevilla).
Stupid snow wrecking my flowers and messing up the state's fruit industry. Sunday mornings are when I like to take long rides as traffic is at a low. Icy and cold today. Yesterday there was a high wind advisory but as the winds hadn't really ramped up yet, out I went in the just above freezing weather. My temperature allowances for biking is much different than running as biking cools one down much more than running, which is more heat producing. True I can just wear more clothes but I can't fit my helmet over a hat and my feet are always vulnerable to freezing. Wearing more socks just cuts off circulation as I found out the hard way. I felt fine making sure I faced the prevailing winds first so when they increased, they would be on my back. The snow had started but the road was too warm for it to stick. No one else seemed to be out. At one point, the snow came down very hard but except for numb feet, I felt fine and was home by the time of the strongest winds.
A not very exciting weekend. A friend and I watched "Vinyl" interesting most for the 70s music. What to do with the Easter hambone? Split pea soup is what most would make but I hate peas. I used black-eyed peas instead. I am waiting for the icy patches on the road, no dirt roads for me today, to melt so I won't slip running. Then maybe a visit to Allie.

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Elephant's Child said...

Poor Allie. That looks acutely uncomfortable. I had to turn to Dr Google though - I had never heard of 5th disease.
Hope this week's weather is kinder.


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