Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Goose egg

Naomi was requested to retrieve her daughter as she hit her head hard on the monkey bars at recess. She is to be kept awake for the next few hours to make sure she does not have a concussion

She was fine this morning at our house
What to do with all that hair
new solar light
so some tulips did survive the rabbits by hiding amongst the not so tasty daffodils

So it spring. The smells-like-sex pear trees in our neighborhood are all in bloom. We are the only ones without at least one as a windstorm uprooted the existing one two years ago. Lawn mowers are going full speed. Even Steve was out cutting the yard, which went faster with the newly sharpened blades.
I retrieved Maya from school yesterday and took her to soccer. She has such a hard time focusing on the task at hand. Even her mother could focus on sports. I watched from the sidelines with the soccer moms, most younger than Shanna. She was very excited to stay with us planning all what she was going to eat in advance.  It is amazing what that skinny little body can consume though as she is in constant motion, even while asleep, it is no surprise.She was disappointed to see that Steve's siblings had left. We are working on manners, enunciating more clearly, and  increasing her vocabulary.
It was warm enough to have my pre-birthday lunch outside with my birthday buddy from work. A nice afternoon. Two trains came by close to where we were sitting. Bonus, they still have the blood orange honey ale I like. And with my new chompers, I can eat crispy things now.
As almost always, it will rain on my birthday. The one exception was the only time my birthday fell on Easter when I was 4. My mom baked me a lamb cake covered in coconut fur. Meanwhile, in Naomi's short life, she has had 3 Easter birthdays including the day she was born. Labor pain is considered a forgettable pain. I can't recall exactly how it felt but I remember feeling jealous of those off to their Easter brunches while it felt like my insides were tearing apart.
The ground now is too hard to weed. That is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

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