Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When the family has left, what's left

Blogger is again not letting me edit or caption my photos. Above a tufted titmouse; Steve, his brother and Allie on his last night; Maya doing a drill with her soccer team;and sunrise today which is occurring earlier and earlier. Ah later it let me shrink the photos but I am too lazy to caption them. It is taking me a while to blog as I am distracted.

We've had the worst April ever with snow, sleet, temps 20 degrees below average. They needed to deice the plane Sunday when my sister-in-law and mother-in-law left. No BBQs or sitting outside for us. But then Monday I was able to run in shorts and later bicycle. Back to fleece, presumably an ecological scourge along with the microbeads found in facial cleansers, yesterday and today,
Steve's brother-in-law left yesterday. Now a quiet house. At some points, we had 15 people filling it, 5 of them energetic children. I am recovering from too much wine, too much coffee, too much Italian pastries. Yeah, no one pointed a gun to my head. For the most part it was fun though one family member made things much less pleasant particularly for me. We are still dealing with the ramifications of that. This is sucking a great deal of pleasure from my life.

A friend came over after some of the family had left ostensibly to  binge TV. That didn't happen. Instead, lots of wine and guessing which of the 49 flavors of jelly bellies we had. We had bought a huge container of them to fill the plastic Easter eggs though as it turns out, the little kids hated them.

In all a good  extended weekend. Great-grandma seemed to enjoy the great grand babies. Who knows if she will see them again?

The local assessors sent a response to our appeal. They cut the market price  to half the difference between what it was to what it should be. Again, the market price should be what we paid for it. We need to appeal to the state next but at least they gave a little.

I get my temporary fake teeth replaced with the permanent fake teeth. I will be able to eat whole apples. I am hoping the insurance company will honor its promise to cover this. More battles.

How much does it cost to sew up my chin and lips, an hour's work? $8000 for the plastic surgeon alone. Amazingly, this was covered. I don't think my reconstruction cost so much, which involved much more time.

We had Tessa today who assisted in scaring the seed stealing squirrels. They are persistent.

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Elephant's Child said...

Global warming could perhaps be more accurately described as Global weirding.
Good luck with the insurance - and yay for teeth.


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