Sunday, June 15, 2014


Even though I go by this by car frequently, I hadn't noticed this display before

Once the daylilies are in bloom, they will look nice with the blue bottle cattails

I like this repurposed carnival glass egg plate

cute country church

Mama and baby yak. Website says it's a week old
Old stone school

 Like the motto
I awoke bright and early for My Big Ride. I had planned to go NW but with winds predicted to be ESE and increasing, NE it would be. The southern component of my ride would be downhill. Downside, sun in my eyes so early in the morning. I decided to cover some new territory in Salem township and was rewarded with some interesting (to me) sights.

Given how early it was, I fully expected to see lots of deer (only saw one) but on a new (to me) road I found some interesting creatures At first I thought they were buffalo, the right color and very shaggy but the horns were huge and sticking out. Scottish Highland cattle look like that but are smaller and usually red. A cross? A  Beefaloo? Later when I turned around, I noticed the sign for Michigan Yaks. They had about 20 that I could see including the mom and baby.

It was a good ride, almost 28 miles and I felt strong helped by the cool weather.

Later today, Father's Day at Shanna's. Even later: Orange is the New Black.
I took this picture off of their website just to show what a strange creature they are. They also raise Cayuga ducks, allegedly pretty and a few other rare breeds of various animals. The only yaks in Michigan


Elephant's Child said...

I am sooo impressed at your ride. Congratulations.
Yaks are heavy beasts too. One stepped on my foot in a market place in Nepal and I wore the bruises for weeks. Enjoyed my rum and yaks milk that night though.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Nepal, are quite the traveler.

Elephant's Child said...

Not really a traveller. I have been to a couple of places, and missed seeing rather a lot of others. And my travelling days are over.


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