Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wonderful evening; evening primrose

So I did go the evening primrose in pink and yellow forms along with some other pretties. A good day to plant in the non-stop drizzle

detail of one of my baskets

Me and two of the Moms at the Speakeasy

Eclectic art in an old ice cellar

lots of interesting wire sculptures

The headliner: Annie Capps. She was fantastic

Finally no rain today. Perfect for running and biking. As I slowly lumbered through the neighborhood this morning, I noticed 3 different police cars slowly trolling the streets. Maybe once every few months, I will see one car come through. When I returned to the neighborhood, the police were still there. One was parked on our street so I stopped curious if there was some suspect loose and perhaps I should start locking doors. No, an elderly woman was missing. Her distraught husband was on the sidewalk asking whether I saw her. A few years ago, they had become separated and I found her for him but that took less than 5 minutes. Two hours later, she is still missing (I see the cruisers go by my house). I went searching for her on my bike but no luck. Some neighbors promised to go through the nature trails, which we have quite a few of and some are heavily wooded.

My beautiful manicure is looking pretty ragged as I've done a lot of gardening this week. I forgot early on to buy hollyhock seeds (still looking for California poppy seeds as my poppies failed to reseed last year) so I bought a half grown rose colored holly hock. Pictures when it grows. I couldn't find a yellow primrose in bloom but hopefully the plant I have will bloom soon. The pink one is in bloom. I love pink evening primroses. We were going to have a BBQ at my friend's house and hopefully see her Baltimore oriole that loves to feed on the hummingbird feeders. She bought it a special oriole feeder but no, it prefers the hummingbird feeders. But pouring rain yet again. We feasted on tasty shrimp kebabs and corn and salad and then off to the Speakeasy for the show. This time I actually heard of the musician, as has everyone else so we were lucky to get seats. It was a fantastic show. I did enjoy the show last month as the singers were very entertaining but these people were especially gifted musicians. One brings ones own drinks and snacks. Wine it was, a bit too much for me. Good times.

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Elephant's Child said...

A wonderful evening indeed. Thanks for taking us along.
Gardening is a lot of work - but sooooo rewarding. Particularly as by the time things flower the blood, sweat and tears I have invested is only a memory.


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