Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moose and Squirrel

Do we want this?
While I am biking, I am on the look out for potential homes. In the bizarrely named small subdivision outside of town (Moose and Squirrel..a Bullwinkle reference?), I found this today. So it is in a relatively quiet place with a 1.4 acre lot, nicely landscaped, on a paved road that is right off of my usual bike route, near my scenic beauty road for running, township taxes (which are about the same that we are paying in town) but Ann Arbor Schools in case Maya ever lives with us. There would be plenty of room. It has a huge dining room ( no way we can fit our expanding family in our current one) and lots of amenities. It cost about $150K more than we can get for our current house (and we still need to do a lot of work). I got Steve all excited but I have lots of reservations, mainly all the work needed here and do we really need 3100 sq feet? Lots to think about. I didn't immediately pedal the 4 miles home to report to Steve. I kept on riding and thinking (and making up for my shortened ride Sunday). A nice day for it as it almost windless. And I still kept it to myself for a few hours while he installed a new modem (with me thinking, don't fix what ain't broke..for both the computer and the home situation). What have I started?

I did spring for a new bike. A light weight hybrid with disc brakes. I did get a discount on it and they threw in an odometer complete with a carbon offset calculator. I probably could of gotten a better deal with a lesser name brand bike or online but I am tired of worrying about it. I didn't get the shock absorbers, nice on bumpy roads and trails but suck energy from smooth roads (though you can lock them down)plus they really add to the cost of the bike. And the bike actually fits me instead of stretching out on a bike made for Josh. And the pedals aren't held together by duct tape so that's a plus.

And I got my prescription mess finally all straightened out so all and all, a productive day. Later, a bit of irony or co-incidence. I went looking in the spam pile for something a friend sent and right on top of it, an announcement that my former company and its vast holdings will offer the drug I need again. The rule is, if my drug belongs to the company, I can get it for free. But just a few hours before, I arranged for a year of the stuff I have to pay for. And how did the spam senders know this announcement would interest me?

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Elephant's Child said...

A better than productive day. Hopefully to be mirrored by many more.


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