Wednesday, June 25, 2014

LIbrary Day

Maya was thrilled to see the 'triangle' again

playing under the bike rack

story time at our house

My pink geraniums are finally full of blooms
It's been a while since we went to the local library's storytime as it was the same time as school. But school's out! Shanna and her 3 kids came too. Their local library has storytime too but the kids like the story teller here and the musician. I take Maya. Of course this is something Naomi should be doing but with school out, she needs a break I guess from constant Maya duty. Maya was thrilled to come and ran excitedly to her favorite things, opening the handicapped doors with a press of the button, hugging the mosaic pyramid, looking for cecropia moths in the aquarium, swinging on the bicycle rack..but when actual storytime started, she became overwhelmed with shyness and clung to my legs. She would not sit with her cousins and would not participate in the many songs and dances for the kids. After storytime (theme: bugs) she did participate in free play building towers with giant legos. Back to our house for lunch. Maya does love her cousins and especially bossing Tessa around who is almost 2 years younger. She ordered Tessa to sit next to her while she 'read' a story to her making up most of the words and lapsing into her pretend language she babbles in when regular words fail her. Tessa sat next to her politely looking for an escape.

Mushrooms are popping out all over in the rain forest that Michigan has become. Today it is foggy, too much so to safely ride my bike. Should I buy a new bike? I want a hybrid, lighter weight than the one I've been riding originally bought for Josh when he was 14. The pedal is held by duct tape after me hitting a curb cut that I am lucky I didn't go flying. Steve found a 'lightning deal' on Amazon for what was probably a good deal on a aluminum mountain bike with the disc brakes I want (instead of the glazed rubber I have that don't work at all in rain and there will be hills up north) but as I tried to research it, the deal was over in an hour. At any rate, I didn't need the ability to go over stumps. I wouldn't mind having the bike I rented for my Pennsylvania/Maryland trail ride last year. I was a bit annoyed that it had skinny tires for the gravel trails. I slid a bit particularly in the rain but I was flying on the few times I was on the roads. Plus it had disc brakes. I thought the model was called "Fatty' (how apt?) but that turned out to be the name of the suspension system. I had not told them my weight ahead of time, just my inseam length and my height. I overestimated the inseam and the bike was a bit too big making it hard to get off of. It reminded me of the story of an overweight woman feeling harassed because "FAT' was labeled all over her luggage. Turns out that was the airport code for Fresno, where she flying to. And I have allowed no time to tune my bike though it seems to be shifting fine. Lots of little things to do and a lot of things eating up my time. Need to waterproof the tent if I find the right supplies and if there is ever a dry day.

When I was a minute from home yesterday, it poured so hard I couldn't see.  I decided I was going to postpone my run until night time (when I really have no energy) but then the rain soon was just a drizzle so I continued all sopping wet.


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Elephant's Child said...

Love the library time.
And am in awe at your energy and activity. I hope you find the perfect bike soon.


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