Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back to the Botancal Gardens

The institution that handles our 401K and some other investments invited its clients for a day at the Botanical Gardens. A string trio, lots of tasty canap├ęs, wine beer, cute desserts, a beautiful day and of course the flowers. I had gone about a month ago to see the century plant, which is 80 years old and was just starting to send out its bloom stalk. Once it finishes blooming, it will die. The stalk is now 35 feet tall. They took out some of the glass panes to accommodate its growth. Lots of photos:

I liked this cactus flower looking like a starfish

The century plant. Blossoms still not present but they will open soon

The grounds had lots of these little toads. Yes I need a manicure again. Maybe tomorrow

This lobster claw plant more red in person

The greenhouse from the outside

tasty treats

My favorite cactus flower


Obscene growth on cactcus

This was called a baseball cactus

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Elephant's Child said...

How I love Botanical Gardens. Havens of peace and beauty. And inspiration. And (too often) garden lust.


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