Friday, June 20, 2014

Kotex Classic

Some lilies we came across yesterday. Mine won't be in bloom until next week
Again rain. I don't mind running in the rain but I draw the line at thunderstorms. Just the other day, a man Josh's age was killed in the park near our old house, where I used to X-country ski, from lightning. The newspaper to this story  added his recent  drug conviction apropos of...nothing. If he had died of a drug overdose, then that would have been germane to the story but all it added was more grief to the family. Now adding the detail that the woman recently killed in a house fire was a hoarder was pertinent; her house packed to the ceiling with junk prevented the firemen from saving her.

So as for my somewhat tasteless title: it is a title of a Saturday Night Live fake ad starring Tina Fey. Part of my middle of the night reading was her book Bossy Pants. In it, she told of the difficulty of getting her male colleagues to agree to make this. They had no idea why it might be funny as they had zip experience wrestling with old style feminine protection. Actually I think Tina was a bit young to experience these things too. The ad played with the concept of the good old days showing classic cars, classic this and that. How about the days before high absorbency materials and sticky stuff to adhere the pads to the underwear? The ad showed women with those belts sticking out of their low slung pants with pads the size of bread loaves bulging out through their clingy clothing. For my younger readers, the belts held the pad in place with a metal teethed fastener. If you weren't careful, one end of the belt might come undone and that would be bad. Also the metal fastener must have contained nickel, which I am allergic to and it caused a rash and once, a bad secondary infection. Good times.

Menopause does have a few advantages.

How about classic diapers? I showed a box of the new ones to a woman who hadn't bought diapers since the early 80s and asked her to guess how many it contained. She thought 30. Real answer: 180. Or back to the original cloth diapers, not the ones cut to size but the single layer ones meant for use from newborn to age 2 (no baby was not potty trained by then unlike today). My first experience  with them was as a 11 year old trying to diaper a 5 lb newborn with the added instruction that the diaper MUST NOT touch the cord. I hadn't even seen a cord before though my brother must have had one. I must have had 10 layers of cloth to try to pin through.

Should I go get those evening primroses I noticed in the cheap seed perennials section at the nursery yesterday where I stopped for my waterbreak? So pretty. I had yellow ones last year that I didn't remember planting but they did not return. These ones would be pink.


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Elephant's Child said...

Oh go for the primroses. Cheap - and cheerful has to be a win.
And yes, I do remember those products. And shudder.
It will be a couple of months before our lilies bloom again - and I am thinking I will probably order more today. Orientals - for the scent and the beauty.


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