Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Nichols Arboreteum

Mountain laurel: what I came for yesterday but the blossoms were not open yet. I took this a few years ago. Hopefully next week  there will be blossoms

one of the many rhododendrons

And some azaleas

wild flower that sort of looks like foxglove

still lilacs

mystery flower

cultivated phlox?

Visitor center manned (?) by a woman who didn't know what mountain laurel was

wild phlox all over the place. My cultivated phlox has yet to make an appearance

The gate

Cute Art Nouveau house next to entrance. Some good friends used to live there

love the double poppies
Although the Arb is known most for its peonies (see yesterday), there are still lots of other things to see, my favorite being the mountain laurel of which they have at least 6 color combinations. Early spring, they have art composed of daffodils and their magnolia collection. It is a 10 mile round trip from my house which I made weekly when I could run that far. It involved going up the very steep 'Arb Hill' which I don't think I could handle anymore and running along the river for a couple of miles. A beautiful run. In school, I lived across from the entrance for a year so I visited frequently. Adjacent to the Arb, is the Forest Hills cemetery where I have inherited several plots, the prettiest place to be buried in Ann Arbor.

Normally today is bicycling day but rain is threatening. Maya is over because her mother needed to talk to the therapists about a notice that seemed to indicate that Maya was losing her therapy. Turns out, just for the summer as she has made so many improvements but it will be continued this fall. Naomi needed me to prompt questions. This afternoon, Oliver graduates kindergarten. No siblings allowed so I will have them.

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Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for the magic of those gardens. Balm for my soul today.


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