Saturday, June 28, 2014


Bizarre sign in front of the mini-sub. Deer and coyote would be a more appropriate sign
 Boy do I hate the word should. I should do this; I should do that. It sets me on edge.

I have spent the last 2 days going back and forth with myself  whether we should do this I sit on my patio with all my pretty flowers thinking how much I will miss them. My sister-in-law left beautiful gardens in NJ that she worked thousands of hours on before she moved back to California. She didn't want to go back to NJ even to see her daughter graduate. She never said, but I bet she missed the gardens and it would hurt too much to see them. Of course she has beautiful gardens in California with the added advantage of things not dying in the winter.

 Yes there are gardens already in place at the new place. And we have to work fast, lots of 'interest' already in this property though we will have a few advantages over other buyers. And the sellers are moving to Seattle shortly so they want to move quickly. We have an appointment to see this tomorrow.

I did take a short ride on my new bike to get used to it though I rode my rental bike 160 miles last year with no break-in period.

It is so warm and humid in the mornings these days. In my neighborhood, I smell roses. Out in the country, I think the sweet aroma is that of crown vetch. In one patch near the new house, I smell wild garlic.

Yesterday I was eagerly awaiting the big sale at a certain nursery near my house that generally is way too expensive but then cuts prices by quite a bit. Cars were lined up in advance of the 'big sale' But what a disappointment. Prices were hardly lowered at all. I can do better at the nursery on my bike trail and even at the Farmer's Market.

I went with a friend back to the Botanical gardens to check on the century plant. Still hasn't bloomed!
And in the future, I won't go back on a sunny day. Outside temp=85; inside 100+. Greenhouse effect.

My hollyhocks

This 80 year old plant will bloom and die. The blossoms are going to start opening up in the next week I've been told

A bit taller than last time

pretty bromeliads



Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. Such a tense and worrying time.
Love your peaceful 'growing things' photos - and hope they helped you too.

Holly said...

These kinds of decisions are always so hard. I'm in the throes of a similar conundrum - leave my current job and sell my house to move home to CT and be close to my kids, family and friends? Or - stay here until I retire at 66 and then face the move. Of course I have to do all this entirely alone and it is daunting! Keeps me up at night and inhabits my thoughts throughout the day.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Holly, you seemed to enjoy your visit so much when you came out East. Will your kids continue to stay in NYC? Will it be easy to get licensed to work in CT? Hard decisions.


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